In our age of online surface connections, the need for face-to-face community is vital.


For many of us living away from our core family and childhood friends, our hearts yearn for deeper more meaningful conversations, for a hug, for encouragement.

Networking can be a superficial soulless exchange of cards and the ‘So what do you do’ crowd, it excludes women who aren’t interested in the hustle of business pushing, the ones who are there for social connections. It’s often not a sisterhood like ours.

At Your Tribe, networking is a safe fun space, a sounding board that can help women rise to their highest potential, or simply enjoy a glass of wine or coffee.

For me, it forces me beautifully to get out of my own way.

I want you all to make the most of your membership, I know the members who do, THRIVE.


Check out these easy tips, and give yourself the gift of becoming deeply connected.

  • Make networking a daily habit

Don’t restrict networking to specific events. Instead, turn networking into daily practice! Whether it’s walking the dog, at work, the gym, church, school, or even at your local supermarket, remember that networking is simply the practice of building relationships. NETWORKING IS ANOTHER TERM FOR BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.

  • Don’t dominate – Communicate

Limit how much (and how repetitively) you talk, especially about yourself, and focus on listening, learning, and laughing. People love to be listened to and will want to return the favour.

  • We are all different but the same

Most people have fears about meeting new people, but it’s incredible when you make the effort to get to know someone who has a different way of looking at the world. Be open to new perspectives.

  • Be Consistent

We are creatures who love comfort, and comfort comes with familiarity. Show up for YOUR TRIBE somewhere every week, put Your Tribe connection time in your diary.

  • Help others

The givers gain is a beautiful thing.

Be prepared to help others in any way you can. Offer whatever resources you can – advice, contacts, support, new ideas to increase your value to YOUR TRIBE. This enlightened generosity will eventually return to you, and it feels so good to be kind.

  • Expand beyond your comfort zone

Be willing to get uncomfortable. It’s easy to hang out with the same people, I get it. However make a point to mingle with as many new people as possible, that’s where the magic happens. You can offer to be a welcomer, a buddy, have a role at the meetings or events, that’s an easy way to meet everyone.

  • Focus On the feeling

Don’t try too hard, focus on how you want others to feel. Your worth is not dependent on a clever-sounding title, what you do, or where you live. Ask yourself what you would love people to feel like when they meet you. How would you like to be remembered, people tend to remember how they felt around you, more than what you said.

  • Build Relationships First

Build relationships, don’t collect business cards. By adopting the “give first” principle you are showing up in service and adding value to your relationships. It’s not about what they can do for you, it’s about what you can do for them, which starts with asking one simple question: How can I support you?

  • Touch Base Regularly

Schedule catch up or follow up calls and meetings with your new contacts, whether external or internal, to find out what everyone is up to and how to best support one another in your work/life. FOLLOW UP

  • Practice Awareness

Awareness is an essential ingredient when you are networking. Stand in a horseshoe, not a circle, stay open to others joining in. STAY OPEN

  • Share Your Tribe connections with your Personal Network

Get to know who does what, who is free for socials, who offers what for business, tell your F & F. Check the Tribe Directory, ask a question on the group page. SUPPORT YOUR TRIBE FIRST

  • You Be You

Your natural quirks make you uniquely you. These quirks can be a good way to show who you are as a person. When people are drawn to you, they will feel like they know you and because you took risks in being vulnerable, they will be more likely to open up to you in the networking process.

  • Express Gratitude online and at the meetings

Every month at the Gathering we offer member’s the chance to give themselves or another member a shout out. We all love praise, even if it makes us squirm, let’s be leaders and CHEERLEADERS

  • Help People Fill One Specific Need

Networking is all about relationship building and adding value to your network. When you connect with every person you meet, find one specific thing they’re looking for and follow up with whatever they said they needed. People will remember that connection and how you made them feel.


  • Like 

Share your website Facebook/Insta/Linked in links, go like other member’s online platforms.

  • Comment not just like

When we welcome a new member, use words of love and encouragement, celebrate their choice to join our beautiful group. Don’t just click an emoji.

  • Car Share

Pop a post up about sharing a ride into the events.


There’s power in women coming together regularly in a safe, supportive space.

When you show up for Your Tribe, you are showing up for yourself

Our sisterhood is made of friends, co-creators, cheerleaders, and women from around the world.

Follow these easy tips and you’ll soon have a tight-knit support group to guide you through your career and through life.

For help with any of these ideas or to help us help Your Tribe, feel free to email me.