Your Tribe Member’s Monthly Gathering at River Kitchen – July

Yay, the June gathering is on - Friday 30th July at 5.15 pm  This is the heart of Your Tribe and the place to connect, share and celebrate, at  River Kitchen, doors open at 5.15 pm. Talk by Kim  Mini Shops by- Caron & Maria Brigette Karen G We will celebrate each other with shout outs and updates. Get ready to share your inspiration and support. I can’t wait to see you all, and look forward to our new events, connections and building even more life-changing Tribe vibes. Belong Join in and you’ll thrive with Your Tribe

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Join me for a fun Masterclass to hear and learn awesome ways to enjoy learning the art of successful and heartfelt networking for women. I will give you ideas and share best practices so that you can learn how to love networking and realise the opportunities it offers. Numbers are restricted to 9, so book early. This is a FREE event for MEMBER'S ONLY.

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Pow Wow at Red 16 3-4pm

We are so happy to have our first pow wow at the new venue RED 16 The pow wow is a lovely, relaxed space for a small number of Your Tribe to gather, connect and share. Some pow wows are workshops, this one is general, so come along and enjoy creating deeper connections with YOUR TRIBE. 10% OFF ALL FOOD AND DRINK FOR MEMBERS ONLY. Please reserve your seat as we like to keep it snug.

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Friday 20th November Pow Wow 3-4pm

Book your pow wow and meet with a small group of Your Tribe at Bistro 276 ( was Ford's) 3 pm- 4 pm. Please arrive five mins before we begin, this is a full 60 min pow wow. Bring with you and products or ideas to showcase. Come along to learn a little about Your Tribe and the members who are at the pow wow. This is a relaxed meetup, where we create a cool space to connect. Some Pow Wow's are workshops, we will let you know when these are.

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