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Your Tribe Member’s Sharing Circle – Losing a loved one

Fairfield House 48 Van Diemen Street, Nelson South, Nelson 7010, Nelson

Participants in the sharing circle are invited to share their own stories and speak their own voice. They are also reminded to not comment on what anyone else has said, but to focus on expressing their own feelings.   Throughout the sharing circle, only the person with the talking piece (an object used specifically for the purpose of identifying who is sharing) has the opportunity to speak. The participants in the circle are encouraged to listen to the thoughts and stories being shared by each of the other members. While listening, we are encouraged not to judge what people are sharing. Instead, we listen and are open to learning from each other.   Circle Practice is one of the most ancient & sacred ways women can come together. We will create a safe space we can hold together, in terms of energy, knowledge, and feelings.   We will listen with attention and speak with intention. We do not respond to words or make side comments. We will share experiences, fears, ideas, we will listen with compassion, we will ask for what we need, and we will offer what we can. We will welcome laughter, silence, and tears. What's said in the circle stays in the circle Although we encourage personal follow up conversations between the circle’s participants after the event. We will provide yoga mats, blankets, and freshwater. There will be no guests, these events are offered at a cost price.   For now, these beautiful events will take place at the tranquil space of Equilibrium in the Momentum Gallery and Lifespace hidden in the heart of Nelsons CBD   This is a sacred space and a whole other layer for Your Tribe members.   The cost is just $14 per sharing circle, and you will book online.   Our first circle is - The Heartache Of Losing A Loved One   There will be 6 spaces available plus the facilitator. Click here to book your space now -